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Name:Yotsui Noel
Birthdate:Dec 24
Location:United States of America
Name: Noel Ryusuki Yotsui
Age: 16
Occupation: Student/ Looking for work

Character history: Born on December 24th a minute before midnight just before Christmas Day, Noel was given the strange first name by his Mother who loved the holiday. He was raised on the island of Okinawa, and grew up with his cousin for a few years. His father is from a political and highly religious Buddhist family that goes back to the time of the Shogun and Admiral Perry, possibly farther than that. His mother’s side of the family has connections in America on his grandfather’s side, and she teaches at an international school there. He’s been sent to Hiyoko as a means of getting a better education via his mother, and he figures that being away from both of them could help him out emotionally and let him figure out what he wants.

Noel is an only child and grew up in a very awkward situation. His mother’s work and insistence that he attend the international school allowed him to grow up with friends of various ethnicities and cultures. Among them was a friend whose father was a Deacon in the Catholic Church, who actually got Noel to learn about the meaning behind his name and gave him a Christmas cross which he wears around his neck. His father’s family disagreed highly with the influences, this caused an even bigger riff between his parents as his Father’s career was taking off and he saw the fact that his son was looking into another religion as a slight to him and his future. Noel’s parents filed for divorce and are now separated. This has caused him quite a bit of turmoil and he’s not sure what to do about the situation.

Furthering the problem is the fact that his grandmother wants him to follow in the footsteps in a monk and become a head of the family and a man of the religious order, focusing on the teachings of Buddhism. Noel on the other hand has taken a liking to the idea of Christianity and wants to explore it more, but his sense of loyalty to his family and his need to find himself and what he wants in life keeps conflicting. Because he’s his father’s only son it means that his actions will influence his family’s future.

Personality: Noel is quiet and a bit on the anti-social side. He can be friendly but only to people that he can trust, and he has a lot of mistrust due to feeling betrayed by his parents. He tends to read a lot of non-fiction and focus on learning about different views in the world and religious histories. He’s not forth coming about much, but will listen to others, even if he can’t give them advice. He believes in the truth, but also knows that secrets can hurt. He doesn’t like to be lied to and isn’t a second chance person. He has a very off putting relationship with both parents as they tend to be bitter towards one another and he is stuck in the middle. He cares about his mom and dad, he does love them but doesn’t know how to react to them and it shows when it comes down to dealing with people that want to comfort him. He’s terrible with girls and gets easily flustered around them to the point he can’t talk and comes off as stand offish or rude.

Appearance: Standing at 5’ 8” Noel is a tall boy with a slightly pale complexion, given that there is a hint of western blood in him. He has black hair but while visiting family in Osaka he wound up having his hair bleached white on accident. With light brown eyes he has been told that he has a very handsome face. Around his neck he wears a silver cross given to him as a gift by a family friend which is something he always wears and he sees as a good luck object. Noel wears casual clothing, jeans t-shirts when he feels like it, and typically the school uniform minus the jacket at times. He tends to not think a lot about clothing but always likes to look nice. He’s been told when he smiles he has a nice smile and a warm disposition.

Possible weapon: Book, more accurately, a rather thick journal book he keeps with him that he takes notes in about Theology, religion, philosophy, and other such natures, including mythology and history.
Accessory: His silver cross

Primary Element: Ice
Secondary Element: Wood
Arcana: Hirophant

Interests (13):

christmas music, doesn't like summer too much, game of thrones, games of sorts, harry potter, history channel, likes cats and dogs, nightwish, reading, series of unfortunate events, snowboarding, thology books, travel channel
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